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Body for Life

Body for Life

This nutritional program is highly recommended for people looking to improve their physique…

This program was developed by Bill Phillips, owner of EAS supplements, so naturally all recommended products are EAS. However, I have found them to be of high quality.

Always remember, Nothing is accomplished in occasional great leaps. It’s all about CONSISTENCY.


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10 Tips for Better Fitness

1. Every good fitness program should involve the three basic pieces of the fitness puzzle: strength, flexibility and endurance. Making it a point to have your exercise program include all three will ensure an overall better level of health and fitness for you.

2. Start by checking with your physician. Ask before you begin, especially if you’re under a doctor’s care.

3. Begin slowly. Try not to overdo. Create a plan with realistic goals.

4. Wear correct clothing and proper shoes if appropriate. This is a must. Dress for the activity. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll perform better, too.

5. Whenever possible, exercise with a friend. It will be more fun and you will motivate each other to exercise on the days you might have otherwise skipped your workout.

6. Set a schedule and keep it. Make the commitment to exercise just as you would any other important appointment. Remember, habits are developed through practice.

7. Cross-train. Variety is the spice of life. Change your workout from time to time to keep from getting bored and to provide you with a more rounded fitness program.

8. Drink plenty of fluids. Water is a must! Drink it before, during and after you exercise.

9. Take the stairs. Whenever possible, walk to your next destination. Resist the temptation to take the escalator or drive a block down the street to a friend’s.

10. Find an exercise that you enjoy. This is crucial to your long-range fitness program

Finally, be sure to reward yourself. One good way to keep your motivation high is to reward yourself when you accomplish a goal. For example, decide that if you meet this month’s schedule, you’ll reward yourself with some new clothes, a CD or a new book — anything that will help you keep committed.

Another hint: Don’t use food as a reward.

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