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Fitness & Nutrition: Winning the Fitness Game

2014 is still young, and there is still some of that automatic momentum that is built into a new year. With just a little bit of honesty and self-examination you can get on board with an exercise program that will pay dividends for years to come.

I’m going to go ahead and admit that I like to watch infomercials for fitness programs.  I really think they can be a good representation of trends in the fitness industry. I find it interesting that guys like P90X creator Tony Horton and Insanity creator Shaun T have recently come out with programs requiring significantly less time to complete. Tony Horton has come out with P90X3, a 30 minute workout program, and not to be outdone; Shaun T has released T-25, which can be completed in just 25 minutes. By the way, the concept of shorter workouts is nothing new. Does anybody remember the “8 Minute” workout series from 20 years ago (8 Minute Abs, 8 Minute Arms, 8 Minute Buns)?

I think both Tony and Shaun are great trainers that really know their stuff, but the reason most fitness programs and DVD’s are never even removed from their shrink wrap isn’t because they take too much time. While I would agree that the follow through on a 25 minute exercise routine is better than that of a 90 minute program for the average person, time is not the biggest obstacle to success. The biggest reason people fail to reach their goals with DVD exercise programs is this: It is boring to work out alone in front of your television and there is zero accountability. In addition, it takes tremendous self-discipline to follow through with working out 5 days per week, even if it’s for just 25 minutes. And without a coach, a classmate or a workout partner to motivate and hold folks accountable, follow through on these programs is very poor. In fact, it is estimated that a whopping 82% of people do not complete the P90X program. As an aside, the creators of P90X and Insanity have recognized this and started certifying individuals to teach P90X classes at fitness facilities.

Still, there are people that successfully lose weight and tone up with these programs. If you have seen the commercials for these products, then you have seen the “before and after” photos and heard the testimonials. And while those results are not typical, I do believe these people are being truthful and have gained results from these routines. One thing that struck me about many of the testimonials was that a vast majority of the people spoke about going to the gym for years and working out hours at a time without satisfactory results. This is instructive because these are folks who already had the self-discipline to work out on a regular basis, but lacked the proper planning and guidance to get the results they desired.

I find lack of knowledge and information regarding proper training and nutrition to be a huge problem for people. Many gyms have gone with a low cost model and offer membership for as little as $9.99 per month with little or no guidance or support. This leads to the average person who has no particular knowledge on weight training, cardiovascular exercise, or nutrition to figure things out for themselves. Personal training is often made available, but the high cost precludes most people from signing up with a trainer. So you find many well-intentioned people who consistently go to a gym and gain poor or mediocre results.

To their credit, Tony & Shaun T’s program have a very scientific approach to training and nutrition. When scientific training and nutrition is combined with self-discipline, positive results are sure to follow.  The problem with about 82% of people is the self-discipline component.  It seems like it’s a bit of a lose/lose situation, right? People who struggle with their fitness level generally fall into one of these two categories: they have all the tools and guidance, but lack the necessary self-discipline, or they have the self-discipline, but lack the proper tools and guidance. Those who succeed with a nutrition and exercise program have both.

How You Can Win the Fitness Game

You have to know yourself and you have to be honest with yourself. Are you very disciplined when it comes to your exercise and nutrition habits? Have you purchased fitness products in the past that are currently collecting dust on your shelves? If so, don’t waste your money on another fitness gadget or set of DVDs. And don’t feel bad. The vast majority of people do not succeed with these programs and end up selling them on eBay or at a garage sale.

At the same time, if you have no idea how to structure a safe and effective workout program for yourself, consider enrolling in a fitness class.  A properly structured class environment will be much more effective (and educational) than a simple gym membership. There are important details such as how to stretch, warm-up, work out at a safe, yet effective intensity, administer post-workout nutrition and more. Thumbing through a fitness magazine or doing a Google search just won’t cut it. Plus, you will enjoy a more dynamic workout and (hopefully) have people to hold you accountable.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with doing the research, putting in the time at the gym and formulating a plan based on your own experience over several months or years. Just remember the quote, “Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition is high.” Well-intentioned, but poorly designed programs can lead to acute and chronic injuries, muscular imbalances (which can lead to more injuries), poor results, and frustration.

The year 2014 is still young, and there is still some of that automatic momentum that is built into a new year. With just a little bit of honesty and self-examination you can get on board with an exercise program that will pay dividends for years to come.

By the way, if you need additional motivation to get started, please take a minute and check this out:  Exercise: The Keystone Habit.


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