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The Martial Arts Shoerack Theory


It has long been a custom in the Martial Arts, that upon entering the training area, you remove your shoes and place them in the shoerack. Part of this custom is for hygiene and cleanliness. A clean and well kept Academy is certainly better than a dirty and dingy one.

An even better philosophy is the Shoerack Theory.

Simply meaning that students remove their shoes and place them in the shoerack, at the same time, they are also placing all of their challenges and stressful thoughts or negative issues in their shoes before entering the mat.

The belief being that this allows you to give yourself fully to your training and after a great class, you will be able to better deal with the challenges you placed in your shoes.

Sometimes, you may find that they have disappeared all together. Meaning that after a great workout and practice session, you have relieved yourself of all the stress you had before your class.

Martial Arts training is proven to be an outstanding way to relieve stress and cleanse your mind, body and spirit of any and all negativity.

If you practice this philosophy everytime you enter our Academy,  you will find yourself in a better mood and you will also enjoy greater benefit from each class.

This is a philosophy that can even be applied to walking into your own home. Mentally, leaving all stress and challenges in your shoes so you can enjoy quality time with your family and loved ones.

One way you can maximize the benefits of your Martial Arts training is to practice the philosophies you learn in your everyday life outside the Academy.

Martial Arts for Life

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Martial Arts for Life

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