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10 Tips for Better Fitness

1. Every good fitness program should involve the three basic pieces of the fitness puzzle: strength, flexibility and endurance. Making it a point to have your exercise program include all three will ensure an overall better level of health and fitness for you.

2. Start by checking with your physician. Ask before you begin, especially if you’re under a doctor’s care.

3. Begin slowly. Try not to overdo. Create a plan with realistic goals.

4. Wear correct clothing and proper shoes if appropriate. This is a must. Dress for the activity. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll perform better, too.

5. Whenever possible, exercise with a friend. It will be more fun and you will motivate each other to exercise on the days you might have otherwise skipped your workout.

6. Set a schedule and keep it. Make the commitment to exercise just as you would any other important appointment. Remember, habits are developed through practice.

7. Cross-train. Variety is the spice of life. Change your workout from time to time to keep from getting bored and to provide you with a more rounded fitness program.

8. Drink plenty of fluids. Water is a must! Drink it before, during and after you exercise.

9. Take the stairs. Whenever possible, walk to your next destination. Resist the temptation to take the escalator or drive a block down the street to a friend’s.

10. Find an exercise that you enjoy. This is crucial to your long-range fitness program

Finally, be sure to reward yourself. One good way to keep your motivation high is to reward yourself when you accomplish a goal. For example, decide that if you meet this month’s schedule, you’ll reward yourself with some new clothes, a CD or a new book — anything that will help you keep committed.

Another hint: Don’t use food as a reward.

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Consumer Reports Evaluates Fitness Gadgets

Consumer Reports (CR) recently tested a series of fitness
devices that are being sold on television infomercials.

CR tested devices selling for $50 to $100. They measured
muscle activity and calories burned as panelists used each
device. Nine staff members also tried each machine. Finally,
they asked each manufacturer for evidence to support its claims.

Are your curious about the results? Read on…
Ab-Doer Xtreme $150

What it is: Chair with rotating handles for low-level torso
resistance, plus “Fat Blasting” DVD.

The reality: It engaged abs less effectively than no-equipment
exercises. The DVD workout burned calories at a rate similar
to a 3-mph walk. Most said the back pad dug into their back.

Ab Lounge XL $210

What it is: Mesh chair that mimics the motion of a jackknife
sit-up, plus aerobics, stretching & exercises DVD.

The reality: The signature jackknife move engaged the target
muscles, but for most tested muscle groups it was not as tough
as a full jackknife done on the floor. Most panelists thought
it was too bulky to buy.

Red Exerciser DX $160

What it is: Swivel chair with adjustable resistance to work
core muscles and workout videos.

The reality: The “core twist strides” in the infomercial and
some advanced exercises in the video engaged obliques at least
as much as comparable floor moves but may not work abs as well.
Panelists said they felt as if nothing was happening.

The Bean $50

What it is: Inflatable device for working abdominal and oblique
muscles and workout DVD.

The reality: On average, results were similar to those with
no equipment. The “3-in-1 Super Rock” exercise, for example,
worked about the same amount of muscle as a floor crunch with
pelvis tilted. Panelists said it was comfortable but not very

Bun & Thigh Doer $300

What it is: Exerciser that focuses on small muscles of the
thighs but can also work arm muscles. Comes with color-coded
resistance bands and workout video.

The problem: One of the red resistance bands unhooked itself
from the frame striking our staffer on the upper thigh. We
confirmed the design flaw on two other units. Due to risk of
injury, we don’t recommend this device for anyone.


Unfortunately, these results are typical; hundreds of
hard-earned dollars spent on fitness gadgetry that promises
results but delivers frustration. Trust me, if all it
took was 5 minutes a day on one of these contraptions
to look like a fitness model, everybody would be in phenomenal

Unlike “extreme” fitness gizmos our program promises to deliver
results. May I share some feedback I received from one of
our students?

“Dear Master & Mrs. B.,

Once again I have entrusted my physical fitness training to
the fine instructors of Martial Arts for Life After my injury-shortened
Tae Kwon Do training, I decided to embark on a new type of
training. Thai Kickboxing class is a great mix of fighting
techniques & conditioning.

Since starting Thai Kickboxing I feel better. I HAVE LOST 14
LBS. IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS, my clothes fit better & I Have a
lot more energy and I feel stronger…

I really enjoy working with your whole staff will continue on
my journey…


Chris Keneally”

To learn more about our Thai Kickboxing program for adults please visit our homepage by clicking here.

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