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Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday Season!

Enjoy the Holiday Season, Skip the Weight Gain!

It is well known that the average person gains weight during the Holiday Season. Estimates on exactly how much the average person gains vary widely. What most experts agree on is: 1.) Men and women who are obese tend to gain more weight than those who regularly maintain a healthy body weight  2.) The average man or woman does NOT tend to lose the weight that is gained over the holidays. In fact, recent studies have indicated that the holiday season may be a key contributor to long-term weight gain in adults. This is a concern since weight gain during adulthood may contribute to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health concerns.

So the goal during the holidays has to be to enjoy the season without packing on pounds that you’re probably going to struggle to lose. Here are some ways you can make that happen:

1.) Decide In Advance (D.I.A.): One of the best strategies when attending holiday parties and gatherings is to use the “Decide In Advance” strategy. This means that you decide in advance how many drinks you will allow yourself to have, what time you will stay until, etc. Basically, you formulate a plan and discipline yourself to stick to it.

2.) Don’t Arrive Hungry: When attending holiday festivities where food and cocktails will be served it is best to have a light nutritious snack and drink a glass of water prior to arriving. This will help you maintain discipline in the face of temptation and help you avoid over indulging.

3.) Limit Alcohol Consumption: Limiting alcohol consumption not only helps cut calories, but improves your chances of staying disciplined with your food choices as the night goes on.

4.) Don’t Over Indulge on Desserts: Discipline yourself to consume smaller portions of your favorite holiday dessert treats. Avoid the temptation to consume too many calorie-laden cookies and cakes.

5.) Limit Servings of These Fattening Foods: Scalloped potatoes, Cheesecake, Egg nog, Sweet potatoes with marshmallows & apple pie. These holiday favorites are all extremely high in calories and fat.

6.) Go For a Walk: Get some physical activity. Sadly, the average American lives a pretty sedentary lifestyle. If you eat more calories during the holidays (and most people do) you need to burn more calories or you will gain fat. Remember,  a little bit of physical activity is better than whole lot of no physical activity.

7.) Manage Stress: One of the main contributors to weight gain is stress. Manage stress levels by getting adequate sleep, exercising, and taking time to decompress during a busy holiday season.

There you have it, 7 ways to avoid unhealthy weight gain this Holiday Season courtesy of Martial Arts for Life – The New Providence Area’s Community School.

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