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How To Drink More Water!

Courtesy of Coach Bronek of Extreme Fitness Bootcamps London.

Most people don’t get enough water. Though inadequate water intake doesn’t always present with obvious symptoms, an increase in water intake can resolve symptoms that you’d never connect to insufficient hydration.

For instance, do you struggle with regular elimination? Increase your water intake. Do you often feel faint when rising from a seated position? Drink more water and see if there’s an improvement.

How much water a day you should drink is open to debate. Many exercise enthusiasts swear by one gallon a day. The average person does not need more than this amount. Crystal clear or very light yellow urine means you are well-hydrated. Dark yellow or yellow-orange urine means you’re dehydrated.

Ways to Increase Water Intake

#1. Have a tall glass with your main meals. Deciding you’ll drink a glass before meals is less inviting,
since drinking water with no food, and without thirst, isn’t always easy. Ideally, you should drink before or after your meals. However, sometimes, it’s better to have something than nothing at all. And since eating
triggers a need for fluid; a tall glass of water will go down quickly when it’s consumed with meals.

#2. Place a small covered glass of water by your bed stand before going to sleep. In the morning before you exit the bed, drink the water.

#3. If you’re at a desk for long periods, keep an icy glass of water with you and sip periodically.

#4. Get a water purification system. This will improve the taste of tap water, and encourage you to drink
more water since you’ll know that toxins are filtered out.

#5. Drink homemade lemonade. Squeeze fresh lemons into a glass—filling about 3-6 ounces (we
squeeze a half of lemon into 1.5l bottle of water). You can add a few drops, or tablets of the natural
sweetener Stevia (you can also find it in a powdered form AND you can get it in some super markets and
health stores). Mix very well. Add chilled water. Or add ice and keep this with you while working at a desk.

#6. Use a straw. Fluid intake goes very rapidly when you drink with a straw. A tall glass of room-
temperature water can be gone in seconds, thereby eliminating any drudgery of having to take many sips to finish the glass.

#7. Remind yourself that chilled water makes the body expend calories to warm it to body temperature. Knowing this fact will motivate you to drink more water.

#8. Fill a pitcher with water every morning and place in the refrigerator. Make sure that by bedtime, the pitcher is empty.

#9. Create water milestones. For instance, have paper cups handy in the bathrooms of your house.
Every time you finish using the facility, fill the cup half-way or all the way with water and drink.

At the workplace, if you must pass a drinking fountain on the way to your department, commit to getting in
a few gulps every morning, and every evening on the way out, even if you’re not thirsty.

#10. Eat watermelon, tomatoes and cucumbers, which are water-rich. Coffee, soda and juices do
not count towards your daily water quota. In fact, carbonated drinks have a dehydrating effect.

#11. Order water with your restaurant meals. Get a slice of lemon with it – it will go down even easier.

#12. If you take supplements or prescribed drugs, drink water to swallow them. Fill a glass with more
than what you’ll need. After the last pill goes down, take the extra gulps.

Drinking eight glasses of water a day (the standard recommendation) is easier than you think, once you put these practices to use. To find out more about why water is so important for good health, call us today.

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