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Self-Discipline: A Pearl Which Grows Slowly…

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“Self-discipline is a pearl which grows slowly.” – Chinese Proverb

In nearly two decades of working with adults looking to gain health and fitness, I have found that most people are generally well-meaning but easily overwhelmed. Many men and women start out with over-ambitious workout and meal plans, only to give up on their goals within weeks of starting. I believe the key to avoiding joining the masses with unused health club memberships, basements filled with dusty workout equipment, and shelves stocked with unopened workout DVD’s  is simply to practice small daily disciplines.

Small Daily Disciplines

Small daily disciplines are seemingly minor actions that relate to one’s diet or level of physical activity. For example, when approaching a weight loss goal, instead of drastically altering your diet and slashing your calorie intake (the “cold turkey” approach), start by committing to just having a healthy and sensible breakfast each day. Besides being a very doable goal, it can help build momentum leading to healthier choices of snacks and meals throughout the rest of the day. Even seemingly marginal improvements in eating habits can add up quickly.

Here are some examples of small daily nutritional disciplines that can be easily implemented:

–          Have a glass of water with lunch each day instead of a sugary soft drink

–          Eat oatmeal for breakfast instead of an over-processed breakfast cereal

–          Replace white flour products with whole grain products

–          Drink a glass (or two) of water before meals so you will consume less calories

The same philosophy is highly effective for beginning an exercise routine. Rather than jumping into a hardcore four day per week workout program right away, begin with easier, less intimidating steps towards physical fitness. You can always add more daily disciplines or increase the intensity of your exercise regimen if things are going well.

Here are some examples of small daily fitness disciplines that can be easily implemented:

–          Begin a workout routine by going to the gym or taking a class just one day per week

–          Park further away and take the stairs when possible

–          Commit to taking a walk around the block after dinner each night

–          Start a weight training routine by doing just one set of each exercise

The whole concept here is to remember that a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing! In addition, as your self-discipline improves you can tackle bigger daily disciplines which lead to better results.

As an aside, the small daily disciplines concept can also be applied to folks who are already highly disciplined with their exercise and eating habits. By disciplining yourself to add incrementally more mileage to your runs, do one more set of exercises, or eliminate processed snacks from your diet, you can continue to take your health and fitness to a whole new level!

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