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What’s New at Martial Arts for Life in New Providence?

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We believe in providing the best possible program to our students and in constant and never ending improvement of that program!

In 2010 we have made many improvements to our Adult Martial Arts program. Here are some highlights:

1.) The addition of medicine balls and medicine ball workouts have improved our students’ core strength and overall athleticism and fitness levels.

2.) The addition of SPRI power bands and power band conditioning routines to our classes has led to increased muscle tone, strength, and total body sculpting.

3.) The addition of grappling through complimentary seminars on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts concepts has made our adult students more well-rounded in all ranges of self-defense and allowed them to cross train in other Martial Arts styles under our roof and for no additional tuition!

4.) We recently hosted a complimentary boxing clinic with a P.K.A. kickboxing champion and instructor Mr. P. which helped our students improve their technique and knowledge of boxing techniques.

5.) Martial Arts for Life hosted it’s first ever 90 Day Fitness Challenge, which saw our students take advantage of complimentary one on one nutritional guidance with our resident certified nutritional consultant Mrs. B. They also participated in some seriously intense workouts that had hearts pounding and sweat pouring. We had our most dedicated students lose 10 to 15 pounds and shape up just in time for summer with this program! This too was provided with no additional tuition or program costs.

6.) The addition of circuit training routines to our training regimen helped our students push themselves with high intensity interval training by moving through 1 minute workout stations including heavy bags, medicine balls, power bands, & more.

…that’s just for starters AND we’re not even half-way through 2010! We believe in providing an extraordinary value to our students and helping them reach their goals, whether they are increased strength & flexibility, increased self-defense skills, or anything in between. Oh, and this is all done in an environment that is based on traditional Martial Arts values such as respect, integrity, courtesy, & humility.

If you’re serious about improving your appearance, your fitness & Martial Arts knowledge and BEING YOUR BEST YOU alongside other like-minded and motivated individuals,  give us a call at 908.464.2836. We specialize in beginners!

We are NOT a franchise. We are NOT affiliated with any other schools or associations anywhere in NJ. We are a family owned & operated Martial Arts & Fitness facility that believes in providing the best possible program & instruction available anywhere.

Martial Arts for Life

The Village Shopping Center, 1260 Springfield Ave., New Providence, NJ 07974

Proud to offer Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Personal Improvement and Nutritional guidance to individuals and families in New Providence NJ, Berkeley Heights NJ, Chatham NJ, Stirling NJ, Gillette NJ, Summit NJ, Union County NJ, Morris County NJ and all surrounding areas.

P.S. Visit our website at to learn more about our Academy and our programs.

Martial Arts for Life

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