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Holiday Eating: 5 Tips for Healthy Holidays!

Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season!

Did you know the average adult gains 7 pounds during the Holiday Season?!

Below are some tips for healthy eating during a very challenging time of the year – the Holidays! We all know that food (and drink) can be an important part of many holiday celebrations. It can be quite challenging not to overindulge, especially when anticipating a new exercise and diet plan that you’ll start January 1st, 2010! Rest assured you can enjoy your favorite holiday foods and still maintain your weight.

1.) Be physically active. Everyone’s schedule gets hectic around the Holidays with parties, shopping, visiting family, etc. Physical activity such as brisk walking, jogging, or cycling can help regulate your appetite and burn extra calories from holiday eating.

2.) Decide in Advance (D.I.A.). Before attending a holiday party or event decide in advance what foods are important to you to eat, how many drinks you’re going to have, and what desserts you would like to partake in. Don’t allow yourself to stray from your plan – moderation and self-discipline are the keys here.

3.) Choose beverages wisely. Alcoholic drinks are high in calories – some liquors contain up to 450 calories per glass. If you must drink, limit yourself to one or two drinks per occasion and try to choose “light” beers and wine drinks.

4.) Don’t go to a party hungry. Enjoy a light snack prior to arriving at a party. If you go to a party on an empty stomach you are much more likely to overeat and make poor food choices. Consider having a piece of fruit or a cup of yogurt before you head off to celebrate.

5.) Chew gum. This is a simple little trick that can help you avoid diving into the bowls of snacks or buffet table.

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