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What Thai Kickboxing Won’t Do For You…

Admittedly, our “Thai Kickboxing” program won’t do everything for you…

  • It is NOT the right program if you are interested in heavy-duty, combat self-defense – or want to compete in tournaments.
  • It is NOT the right program if you want to wear spandex and throw thousands of random punches and kicks with no rhyme or reason.
  • It is NOT the right program if you are looking for extremely traditional Martial Arts training centered upon Easter religion or philosophy.

So — what WILL our “Thai Kickboxing Program” do for you?

  1. Martial Arts for Life’s proven system will dramatically improve your cardiovascular endurance, increase muscle tone, and not just give you the kind of body that you can show off at the beach – but the kind of body you can use.

  2. We will show you proper technique in a classroom with a fully-padded floor taught by certified instructors to eliminate the risk of injury. In fact, our entire program is designed to protect your knees, ankles, & lower back.
  3. You will learn real self-defense techniques. Our team will show you the proper way to execute punches, kicks, knees, and footwork – should you ever need to use these techniques to defend yourself.
  4. Perhaps best of all, this is taught in a “team-oriented” class environment that is built upon the principles of respect and courtesy — so there’s never any of the nonsense that you’ve encountered in “fitness kickboxing” classes as the gym or rec.

…one more thing…we provide classes taught by EXPERT instructors – each with well over a decade of experience. You’ll never find an aerobics instructor that took a weekend certification on “cardio kickboxing” teaching your class at our Academy. We also provide you with a certified nutritional consultant to make sure you reach your fitness / weight loss goals.

I know what you’re thinking: It all sounds “Too good to be true,” right? Well don’t take MY word for it…

“Tonight was my fifth class at Martial Arts for Life in New Providence. After each class I am reminded of how out of shape I let myself get! I feel great after each class and I find myself wanting more. I spent 3 months in Marine Corps Bootcamp and I feel that the workout I’m getting is equal to that of Paris Island (minus the yelling). The respect and encouragement from Mr. and Mrs. B does not go unnoticed. Also, the respect and excitement from all the classmates is very motivating. I find myself pushing my body more & more and enjoy every class…

P.S. What a way to let off steam” – Mr. Mike L., New Providence NJ

….here’s one more rave review of our Thai Kickboxing classes…

“About a year ago I started to burn out from my day to day gym exercising. I would go to the gym and run or lift weights or do a spin class…but something was missing. I hit a wall and I was not sure what to to, until I began researching martial arts. I found your program and I have never looked back. I ended up quitting the gym and started training 3 days a week and not only do I feel better mentally, but my body has started to change. I feel like I look more toned and in shape then I ever have before, even when I was running 4 days a week. I love this program…” – Ms. Melanie H., Chatham NJ

Actually…there is just ONE catch…

If after you visit Martial Arts for Life you know that everything I talked about in this blog is true, and you wish to join us – we still may not let you. Even though we are allowing a few people to try us out for FREE – our Academy has qualifications that each new student must meet.

As you may have already heard – we operate like a private training facility (unlike your average gym or health club) and don’t just “Surrender to anyone with a check book or Visa card.” You really need to be the kind of results-oriented person that is serious about improving yourself.

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to reserve your spot – call us right now at 908.464.2836 or register online here.

Martial Arts for Life

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